sewing patterns from etsy

I have really been working on using and creating with materials we already in our home. Our little lady isn't quite walking yet, but the weather is turning colder which means boots, hats, mittens and parka season!

I came across these adorable patterns on Etsy through Winter Peach.

These are the two patterns that I purchased and was able to sneak in a great sale offer with a buy 1 get one offer, thank you Winter Peach! I may have to adjust the patterns to get the exact fit for her little feet, with some extra room to last through the winter.

She currently has a wonderful offer right now, buy 3 for $12.00. And since you'll be using your fabric you already have, and your sewing skills, you can't beat that price for all the projects you can create right?

Here is another adorable Etsy shop I came across on my patterns hunt. Twirly Bird Patterns has so many adorable patterns it was hard to pick which 3 I may purchase. It's my birthday month, I should start a list right?

Since making shoes for Bean was on my pinterest to-do list to get finished by January 2013 I feel pretty good I'm making a teensy tiny bit of progress. We need a huge winter storm so I can get a couple more started right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Our little lady was a peacock and the cutest (and nicest) one I have yet to see. We made her costume out of materials around the house and love that her little skirt can be used for other characters in the coming years. Pictures coming soon!


feature: kate's paperie

feature: kates paperie, pearl:handmade art and design
1. Masking tape. Yes, masking tape. Have you seen such beautiful masking tape? My visions of masking lie in cardboard masses with dirt and dust and moving trucks.

2. It's almost as though someone dreamed of vintage wallpaper, wrote a poem and dressed its cover.

3. Twine. Need I say more?

4. The urge to purchase is growing, but only because everything outside our window is covered in white. Wish list for May, build nest.