My fun little story...

I was a professional creative graphic designer for 4 years before I turned freelancer and today I am now blessed to spend my time with my two beautiful little daughters. They are four years old and one year old and the most treasured parts of life. I enjoy nothing more than watching the happiness in my girls' faces. I try everyday to enjoy the simplicity of the small victories of motherhood, baking of goodies, sewing (when I can find the time!), making my house a home, growing spiritually through His word as well as growing my business through the creative community of the FM area.

I have always had a fascination, adoration and affection for all things hand made. The goods that are created with or without skill but with LOVE are pure and to be cherished. The touch of a quilt from a great grandmother, a fresh batch of salsa straight from the garden, a hand embroidered hoop to be hung in a new baby's nursery are just a few things that make my heart melt.

This avenue is my outlet to share my most recent design projects, my stories and creations made while being a stay at home Mom, inspiration and creative home projects. I hope to inspire others with my obsession with upcycling everything old and crafty endeavors.

That's plenty about me, on to you! I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to share and if you are stumped and actually think I could help, I would be happy to try!

To contact me locate the contact button at the bottom of this page, thank you!