Eco Chic Junk Market // Fall 2013

Hello there! And a big hello to any new visitors that I may have met this past weekend. Despite the numerous rain drops and sloshing of puddles we survived the big day! We did end up closing down early, which I am very thankful for. All of the hard work that goes into re-finishing pieces of furniture, creative custom works and merchandising is greatly affected when the weather doesn't hold out.

Not only is it great to participate in these types of events, but one of my favorite parts is the socialzing and making new crafty and creative souls. I'm pretty sure that I said multiple times, 'That is amazing! I sure wish I would have thought of that!" It was a fun day, as I say that with a lot of my things drying on the front yard.

Here are some photos for those that couldn't join us. This first photo below is the line that had started forming around 8:30 in the morning. The Junk Market was scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock in the morning. These were die-hard junker fans!

This next photo is an adorable vintage baby scale that I picked up from a family member that is also a lover of all things junk. The vintage ironing board sold to a lady who hopes to turn it into her sofa table in her living room. The chevron wood wall plaques on the bottom right were gone in a flash! I think that means I should make more? The rake that is holding the wood frame was purchased and she is planning on hanging her necklaces from it in her bedroom, cute idea.

On a last minute whim I decided to create a few prints to sell at the show. My true love is all things design with a flair for vintage and rusty things and this is something I need to better demonstrate if my vision is to participate in more craft or junk fairs. Sadly, I worried more about keeping them dry than anything else!

And then the rain started, and did.not.stop. This is my friend Megan's feet as well. She brought her amazing work with her to set up in our booth. Check out Megan Hagel Creative!

I sewed this vintage infinity scarves for the June Junk Market as well as just knew I had to bring them along. The yellow bookshelf in the right photo was a beauty. It was hard to sell her. My Mom was a great assistant on a weekend trip to the lake and helped me turn her this beautiful Arles yellow.

Here is a photo of an entire table of soap pump jars, a few of the windows that I have re-purposed as well art and a few shutters. I started the day with four shutters and they flew out of the booth. Great for organizing mail at your front door. Also, the mint stool on the left, was another hard one to let go. Too cute!

Here is the last photo! Another cute canvas bag for library books, quick run to the store or knitting on the go. I wanted to display a few prints throughout the book so customers and shoppers know that they are interchangeable and can be customized. They will be posted in my Etsy shop soon.

Thank you for stopping in! Now I better get back to work. Have a beautiful day :)

Junk Market Success

What a beautiful day we had! We were up with the moon it seemed as well as exhausted by the time we opened. I am so very glad I got to share my first craft fair slash junk fest (hard to call such great work by so many artists junk) with my dear friend Janelle. Here is just a recap in photos of how we faired.

With the time I had available, I ended up preparing soap pump jars, chicken wire frames, some finished and unfinished window frames, little girl hair pins, bobby pins and accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces as well as some chalkboard dishware for the event. This was such a learning experience that I ended up with a mindful of inspiration as well as notes for my next event.

Here are some more images of what Pearl had to offer.

Interested in a window frame? I am looking into posting some finished pieces for those that are interested in purchasing. I currently have chicken wire as well well as black, green and red chalkboard paint if you have an idea in mind.

I'll be posting later this week on some sewing projects that have kept me up until the wee hours as well my friend Janelle's handiwork that she displayed and sold at our the Eco Chic Junk Market booth.

A huge thank you to Maria at Eco Chic for being such a wonderful person to work with as well as a thank you to Maria and Midwest Junk for sneaking me into their roundup. I am already working on some new pieces for the September event!