easy peezy wall decor

The hubs is a big history buff. I asked him to send me five of his favorite inspirational quotes of all time, and being the over achiever that he is, sends me way more than 5. My plan was to design a poster and hang it in a bright funky frame to begin somewhat of a wall collage of collected items of ours, our parents and other fun objects. Not sure which wall, or really how much room we have (most of our furniture is very vertical versus horizontal).

They were all great, but one of them instantly caught my eye. So here it is, one element down and more to come! It is entirely too much fun planning for this little bean.

pearl: handmade art and design nursery poster

I had it printed on high gloss cardstock at the wonderful local Officemax for only .66 cents. With a frame already on hand from our downstairs gallery wall project (yep, that one's still in progress) this was practically free. Can't really get any better than free. I had it printed and sitting up in the nursery just in time for hubby to admire on his way to fight another flood this year. Keep your prayers strong for North Dakota!