Junk Market Success

What a beautiful day we had! We were up with the moon it seemed as well as exhausted by the time we opened. I am so very glad I got to share my first craft fair slash junk fest (hard to call such great work by so many artists junk) with my dear friend Janelle. Here is just a recap in photos of how we faired.

With the time I had available, I ended up preparing soap pump jars, chicken wire frames, some finished and unfinished window frames, little girl hair pins, bobby pins and accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces as well as some chalkboard dishware for the event. This was such a learning experience that I ended up with a mindful of inspiration as well as notes for my next event.

Here are some more images of what Pearl had to offer.

Interested in a window frame? I am looking into posting some finished pieces for those that are interested in purchasing. I currently have chicken wire as well well as black, green and red chalkboard paint if you have an idea in mind.

I'll be posting later this week on some sewing projects that have kept me up until the wee hours as well my friend Janelle's handiwork that she displayed and sold at our the Eco Chic Junk Market booth.

A huge thank you to Maria at Eco Chic for being such a wonderful person to work with as well as a thank you to Maria and Midwest Junk for sneaking me into their roundup. I am already working on some new pieces for the September event!