feature: kate's paperie

feature: kates paperie, pearl:handmade art and design
1. Masking tape. Yes, masking tape. Have you seen such beautiful masking tape? My visions of masking lie in cardboard masses with dirt and dust and moving trucks.

2. It's almost as though someone dreamed of vintage wallpaper, wrote a poem and dressed its cover.

3. Twine. Need I say more?

4. The urge to purchase is growing, but only because everything outside our window is covered in white. Wish list for May, build nest.

mr. postman

pearl:handmade art and design, card wreath, craft


pearl:handmade art & design, card wreath, craft
Another blistery winter night got me back into the craft room and veeeery anxious for those christmas cards to come in the mail! Um..have we even done ours yet? No. We'll get there ;) I promise you, this is another easy, low cost kraft to keep those christmas cards organized and off your refrigerator. Just use stick pins and enjoy their beauty all month long (or at our house until atleast February). Be prepared for alot of fuzz and fabric strings all over you when using burlap. This kraft cost me under $15 dollars and less than an hour to put together! Enjoy ;)

countdown is on

Advent Calendar
By far one of the quickest easiest crafts to date! With a stressful busy week, this get your hands sticky, pull of and put on that sticker four times, can't wait until it dries I want to use it project, warmed my heart and gets me very anxious for the holidays!

I recently purchased the paper mache portion of this kraft with a handy hoblob coupon and this entire kraft cost me only $7. Can't beat that right? I added the modge podge onto the supply list so that when you're finished putting your number stickers on you can put a thin layer over each box. This will keep it intact for many little or large fingers for years to come. Now I get to search for fun treats to keep us entertained until the big day 2-5!