2013 Card Design Recap

Hey there 2014! Here is a little visual recap on the cards I was blessed to design for some clients this last month. There is something so enjoyable about receiving a Christmas Card in your very own mailbox that you had the privilege of being a part of.

Now we can have the happy mail back? My mailbox contents isn't nearly as exciting anymore! I added my personal family card that we sent out for Thanksgiving this year at the very bottom, along with a New Years card that just went out last week.


Holiday Cards 2013

Hello there Friends and Family!

I've added a few templates for you to choose from for your Holiday cards this year! Let me know if you have ANY questions at all, would like a color/background change, and if your photo's need any editing, I am more than happy to help.

Also, if what I have here isn't what you were dreaming of this year, let me know, custom cards are available as well.

Here are just a few examples, click the link here for the others and there is also a place to link from the right sidebar if you need to come back later :) Have a beautiful and Thankful thanksgiving weekend. We are all so blessed.

mr. postman

pearl:handmade art and design, card wreath, craft


pearl:handmade art & design, card wreath, craft
Another blistery winter night got me back into the craft room and veeeery anxious for those christmas cards to come in the mail! Um..have we even done ours yet? No. We'll get there ;) I promise you, this is another easy, low cost kraft to keep those christmas cards organized and off your refrigerator. Just use stick pins and enjoy their beauty all month long (or at our house until atleast February). Be prepared for alot of fuzz and fabric strings all over you when using burlap. This kraft cost me under $15 dollars and less than an hour to put together! Enjoy ;)