New in the Etsy Shop!

I am beyond blessed that my little Pearl: Handmade Art & Design Etsy shop is actually mailing out products all over the United States!

Here are just a few of the items that have been shipped out recently.

To find more cowls shop  here .

To find more cowls shop here.

My assortment of baby products, bandanna bibs, pacifier clips and toys have been a very popular item. They are an easy handmade product to have on hand at home for any new baby! And we all know every baby seems to need atleast one bib right?

For more baby good shop  here .

For more baby good shop here.

With the season of Christmas, as well the New Year, I am mostly busy in my shop designing and printing Holiday Cards. There were some beautiful photo's from clients this year, as there is every year. I love to read your letters and see the photo's of the kids grow!

I am so very thankful for the relationships this little business has given me, the opportunity to grow as an artist and a maker as well the confidence it has given me to continue to MAKE!

Holidays 2014

Hello family & friends! Welcome to the Holiday season of 2014. With two littles in my life it makes the holidays even sweeter, and brings out the child in us as well! I am loving doing little crafts with my toddler and enjoying the cold winter snuggles with the baby. I have added a few new holiday card designs to my Etsy shop. There are some humorous ones as well!

Here are a few examples!

And a couple more of my favorites!

Here is the link to my Etsy shop:

There is the ability to order a custom card as well, everyone has their own ideas and I LOVE to hear them! Let me know if I can help out with your holiday mailings :) Enjoy your holiday and Christ our Saviour was born!

2012: card designs are in!

Short notice and quick turn around is the game this year. I whipped up 12 ready to add your adorable family photos from 2012, but if there is an exact design you were looking to use to share with your family and friends this year, feel free to let me know!

To see the cards they are located here. I also put an ad in the right sidebar for easy access.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to order.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed and thankful Thanksgiving weekend!