Handmade Holiday Maker's Market, 2015

We hosted our very first Fargo-Moorhead Holiday Maker's Market, and it was a grand success! Some amazing maker's and I coordinated the event and it was very fun and rewarding. We collaborated with the idea that other than the Unglued: Craft Fest that is held in late February, local maker's didn't have the best opportunity to sell their goods locally at a vendor show.

The Landmark Building

The Landmark Building

We scored an amazing venue at the Landmark Building, which also houses the grand fabric and textile store, Modern Textiles. With the ability to use such a space for an entire day we hosted 12 local makers.

You can see all of their goods on Instagram by searching the hasttag #fmholidaymakersmarket. So many great things!

We had a very busy day! Being that this was our very first show of this kind, we have grand and smart ideas to influence in our next year's event. The official 1st Annual FM Holiday Maker's Market will be hosted on Small Business Saturday in late November. The official date and time will be posted closer to the event.

Fargo Flea Market

Happy Fall ya'all!

I have been having fun getting back into the swing of business ownership. Now that preschool has started for my oldest we have a little bit more time to create independently (they both love to sit on my lap as I sew).

I participated in the first EVER Fargo Flea Market a few weeks ago and it was a nice change of pace for this Mama. I did forget all of the prep work for a show, but it was so fun to interact with other artists, meet customers and share hand made products. Thank you to everyone who came and purchased prints and baby goods, I am forever grateful!

Here are a couple photo's of the fun day!

My dear friend Melissa from 521Handmade  and I shared a tent space. It's always way more fun at a show when you have a booth buddy! This photo was taken about 2 hours before the event even started. I have to admit, there wasn't the greatest marketing with this event, there could have been another 75 vendors in this space. Hopefully the Fargo Flea Market team learned from the event and will be even bigger and better for next year!

Being that this was my first show back for awhile, I kept my items in small quantities. It was hard enough for me to get this much product completed! Due to the wind (and potential rain) I didn't hang up or decorate as much as I would have liked, but with craft shows, you have to improvise! Many customers were curious about the pacifier clips and the nursing covers. I love sharing mama/baby tricks with new parents. Both of these items were lifesavers for me so I am happy to sew them!

And here we are! The event was supposed to last until 8pm, but at 3pm the downpour started and thanks to Melissa's amazing boyfriend Colton coming at just the right moment to help us tear down our tent. We still had a fun day, ate some delicious food thanks to the Fargo Food Truck Festival that was parked right next door and gifted products to many homes.

The next big event is Saturday, October 3rd at the Fargo Brewing Company for the big #unbrewed Craft Fest with Unglued Market. More information on the event here.

Junk Market Success

What a beautiful day we had! We were up with the moon it seemed as well as exhausted by the time we opened. I am so very glad I got to share my first craft fair slash junk fest (hard to call such great work by so many artists junk) with my dear friend Janelle. Here is just a recap in photos of how we faired.

With the time I had available, I ended up preparing soap pump jars, chicken wire frames, some finished and unfinished window frames, little girl hair pins, bobby pins and accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces as well as some chalkboard dishware for the event. This was such a learning experience that I ended up with a mindful of inspiration as well as notes for my next event.

Here are some more images of what Pearl had to offer.

Interested in a window frame? I am looking into posting some finished pieces for those that are interested in purchasing. I currently have chicken wire as well well as black, green and red chalkboard paint if you have an idea in mind.

I'll be posting later this week on some sewing projects that have kept me up until the wee hours as well my friend Janelle's handiwork that she displayed and sold at our the Eco Chic Junk Market booth.

A huge thank you to Maria at Eco Chic for being such a wonderful person to work with as well as a thank you to Maria and Midwest Junk for sneaking me into their roundup. I am already working on some new pieces for the September event!