Sewers Gonna Sew

Do you ever find yourself wandering the Target aisles and feeling the "want" over the "need"? This is a challenge of mine and I feel like it also contributes to my love for thrifting. If I can purchase it for numerous dollars cheaper elsewhere, that is a thrill!

This wanting over needing also relates to when I want something for myself personally, but can't justify spending the money. My job is to care for my girls and run our household ship which means there isn't an income. But one can still want? This pushes me to attempt to make the item that I think I "have to have".

Sewing goods for others also helps with this wanting and needing battle. I love to share and gift with others as well as sewing, it's a mama therapy for me! I've been listing a new product a week, or attempting to as time allows and I wanted to pop in and share some of them.

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