Sewers Gonna Sew

Do you ever find yourself wandering the Target aisles and feeling the "want" over the "need"? This is a challenge of mine and I feel like it also contributes to my love for thrifting. If I can purchase it for numerous dollars cheaper elsewhere, that is a thrill!

This wanting over needing also relates to when I want something for myself personally, but can't justify spending the money. My job is to care for my girls and run our household ship which means there isn't an income. But one can still want? This pushes me to attempt to make the item that I think I "have to have".

Sewing goods for others also helps with this wanting and needing battle. I love to share and gift with others as well as sewing, it's a mama therapy for me! I've been listing a new product a week, or attempting to as time allows and I wanted to pop in and share some of them.

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New in the Etsy Shop!

I am beyond blessed that my little Pearl: Handmade Art & Design Etsy shop is actually mailing out products all over the United States!

Here are just a few of the items that have been shipped out recently.

To find more cowls shop  here .

To find more cowls shop here.

My assortment of baby products, bandanna bibs, pacifier clips and toys have been a very popular item. They are an easy handmade product to have on hand at home for any new baby! And we all know every baby seems to need atleast one bib right?

For more baby good shop  here .

For more baby good shop here.

With the season of Christmas, as well the New Year, I am mostly busy in my shop designing and printing Holiday Cards. There were some beautiful photo's from clients this year, as there is every year. I love to read your letters and see the photo's of the kids grow!

I am so very thankful for the relationships this little business has given me, the opportunity to grow as an artist and a maker as well the confidence it has given me to continue to MAKE!

Handmade Holiday Maker's Market, 2015

We hosted our very first Fargo-Moorhead Holiday Maker's Market, and it was a grand success! Some amazing maker's and I coordinated the event and it was very fun and rewarding. We collaborated with the idea that other than the Unglued: Craft Fest that is held in late February, local maker's didn't have the best opportunity to sell their goods locally at a vendor show.

The Landmark Building

The Landmark Building

We scored an amazing venue at the Landmark Building, which also houses the grand fabric and textile store, Modern Textiles. With the ability to use such a space for an entire day we hosted 12 local makers.

You can see all of their goods on Instagram by searching the hasttag #fmholidaymakersmarket. So many great things!

We had a very busy day! Being that this was our very first show of this kind, we have grand and smart ideas to influence in our next year's event. The official 1st Annual FM Holiday Maker's Market will be hosted on Small Business Saturday in late November. The official date and time will be posted closer to the event.