homemade diaper pail cakes


We're crazy and cloth diapering! But...it's going great and so far so good. We are learning all of the tricks and testing as we go. One thing for certain is that care and upkeep of them is the hardest part.

We use a small garbage can with this handy liner and generally wash every 2 to 3 days (that all depends on how many messes that is.) With that comes a bit of a smell. I whipped up these easy little cakes to toss in the bag as we go, they disintegrate and get washed with the diapers as well which makes it even more fun and functional.

Start off with your supplies. We currently use the lemon and its magical. Yes, magical. Line your mini muffin tins with prefferably paper not foil linersl I pop them out of the liner when I toss them in our pail. You could probably just press the mixture into the pan as well, I'll try that next round and let you know how it went.

After your water has boiled (or if your using distilled, just add to your mixing bowl), slowly combine your baking soda. After roughly one cup of mixture add your drops. The number of drops all varies on your personal scent taste, we used 8 drops. I bought my oils from Swanson Health Products, there is quite the assortment. Stir, stir, stir. Add the rest of your baking soda. You may need to get your hands in there to really mix this well. Next step, just push it into your cups. Easy!We let ours sit overnight and put them in a little rubbermaid to keep hidden behind her diaper pail for quick refills.This recipe made approximately 24 diaper pail cakes and I would guess we go through 1 or 2 a week. Add this to the never ending list of wonderful uses for baking soda.