nursery moodboard

Here I am, back from a long hiatus! I would love to say it was a joyous one, full of sunshine, lemonade and daffodils...but it was just me too exhausted in my first trimester to do much of anything. Yes, we are expecting! Now on month 5 and ready to gear up for a brand new nursery for our first little bean. We have a few projects already in progress and two somewhat larger ones already finished. So I will update you with those very soon.

Here is our moodboard all full of color, love and cheer. We won't be finding out what our little bean is until the big day so we may pull in a more dominant color or features down the road.

nursery moodboard: pearl handmade art and design

We are doing this on our usual, DIY use what we have budget. We have been very blessed with the crib my Mom used when she was a baby (with a few tweaks for safety), and then she used for myself and my two brothers, as well as a bassinet that my mother-in-law used (future post to come!). Also, my mom still has the furniture set that I used growing up so we plan on giving that a fresh new look (project is finished and another post to come) and we love it. I am already excited to start filling it up with newly wash warm soft baby things. There is also a hutch in the picture, that we are hoping to change into a diaper changing station so...we'll see how this all goes.

Here is some more info on what we have going on with this moodboard above:

1. Love this handmade mobile found here. I found this adorable red bike wheel at a flea market last weekend that I am hoping to turn in to a homemade mobile of our own. I also LOVE the tree branch mobiles you see all over the web world lately so we'll see what happens.

2. The super fun giraffe silhouette that I magically sewed onto the baby's wall already. I just love it. It was kind of a tricky process but more to come on that.

3. An example of the white furniture we have and are fixing up.

4. My Mom gave us her rocker she used for me and my siblings. I am hopefully going to learn how to make new cushions so it's a tad comfier.

5. These cute bird knobs from and the adorable yellow knobs from World Market for our dresser revamps (the yellow ones actually sold out already, bummer)!

6. This is the fun antique wheel I picked up at the flea market.

7. I was somewhat anal retentive when we moved into our house in October of 2009 and wanted to paint this room baby neutral before we had it turned into our office. I am very glad we did because this part of the project is done. Can't go wrong with green, most say I'm just obsessed with green.

8. And now for my favorite pieces of this whole project and where the inspiration began. I found this line from Carolyn Gavin on Fabricworm called Spring Street. Now that I go back and check out what's in stock I see the cute yellow rain drops must be sold out. My mission was something our bean could grow into, nothing too pastel or babyish, yet vibrant and happy. So far I think I am on the right track.

Enough typing already, time to get to work. I just found this great tutorial from Young House Love on how to make a crib skirt that I am hoping to get to next week, along with sharing the projects we've finished already.

I also keep adding and adding to my pinterest nursery project here. Have you searched just the term nursery on pinterest lately? Wow, the ideas are numerous.

Have a beautiful weekend, take in all the sunshine your heart can handle.