Mother's are a Gift

With Mother's Day approaching, to our family this means busy season. Is May always just crazy at your house too? The end of school is nearing which is full of school activities, field trips, gifts, as well as my husband being busier than usual with wrapping up another successful school year.

What do you wish for for your dream Mother's Day? To be honest, my wish would be to sleep in my own bed, no kids, until atleast 8, a lounging morning with everyone home, a lunch date out to eat, an afternoon of outdoor planting in the garden or playing and then a pizza delivered for movie night. Fancy is not our vibe. Also, I gladly accept garden plants and flowers to plant for my gift every year, easy and we love it. This year we are working building a raised garden bed and it is turning into much more a project than we had hoped, but it will look pretty!

I struggle with gifts for our own dear Moms. They are completely invaluable, beyond helpful with raising our daughters, extraordinarily selfless and wonderful. No gift could really express that other than words. But who doesn't like to be spoiled a bit either? Especially for people that are not self-care wired, I am also this way. A massage, pedicure, makeup consultation, these are all out of my comfort zone but I do admit I would probably enjoy them, so would any Mom!

I am blogging recently not only to share my fun sewing products, but to just write. Do things we enjoy right? I also enjoy coffee, headed for more. Happy May reading friends!

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