Dry Summer Fun!

These two fun products in the shop were made with handy love. I have started to truly dislike plastic grocery bags. They aren't pretty, their noisy and most of all their bad for the environment. The wet bag was a fun item that I purchased from another Etsy shop when my first daughter was born. We had attempted to cloth diaper and I used the bag to haul diapers back and forth from daycare (God bless our provider, she was so patient with me. Thanks Kim!). Since then, that was 5 1/2 years ago, I have used this same bag in our gym bag for dirty shoes, wet clothes from potty incidents and for wet swimsuits after lake trips.

I don't see why you couldn't use it for a bunch of fruit and juice boxes for a trip to the park either. I would also like to add they aren't completely waterproof, as I did some testing. The wet bags I created are made with a 14 inch plastic zipper. I poured water directly onto the bag, with the zipper closed, and there was a little bit of wetness inside. Being that these bags will mostly be holding the wetness in, versus protecting you from wetness from the outside, I'm not concerned!

The waterproof wristlet is a fun little bag! We were lucky enough to spend some time in hotels over the winter for a couple of mini-vacations and some birthday parties. During these visits I would usually just stick my phone, room key and some cash in our huge beach bag and they would get lost in the abyss. These little wristlets hold my Iphone 7, car keys, room keys and plenty of cash. I added the tight elastic wrist strap after hauling my little one to the potty three times and realized that for the next 15 or so years I should get used to my hands being on the ready right?