New Prints have been listed!

Do you ever feel an urge? Or a calling? The past few cold winter months I have really felt the need to call out to my fellow mama friends. As a stay-at-home slash working from home Mom I need the encouragement of my family as well as friends that...We can do this! We may not get it all accomplished, we may not be on the ball at all times, but we are working our way through this season of life. And this particular season in my home is busy! The girls are three and 9 months and still need me for most if not all of their daily tasks. Which in turn puts my personal efforts and needs to the wayside. It has taken me awhile to overcome the feeling of exhaustion as well as sense of no personal purpose. I am now overcome with a feeling of sweet accomplishment for the little things, a hot shower and dinner on the table at 6. Everything else comes and goes!

These latest prints I designed as printables for easy access to your home printer. Print these daily inspirations and place them around your home. Washi tape them to your fridge, paint a used clipboard and hang it on your gallery wall or be an overachiever and purchase a nice frame and rotate prints often. My home is always more welcoming to me with a refresh every now and then. Enjoy.

To find the prints they are in my Etsy shop!