Upcycled Desk to Garden Hutch

If I were to say I were addicted to anything (other than sweets) it would be Craig's List. I am by no means ever looking for anything in particular but it's too amazing of a concept to pass up such great deals. Especially on great pieces.

This desk was a great $35 dollar purchase from a family that just didn't need this desk anymore. After bribing Adam to come with Brynn and I to pick it up, we had this beauty in the pickup and we headed home with glee. Maybe that was just me?

I just knew that this was going to be my mother-in-law's birthday present this past July (yes this is an old post). She has this beautiful, massive, amazing garden that she takes such great pride in. I also knew that she probably wouldn't want to get this dirty after it was finished so glady we scuffed it up on his way 90 miles west to the farm.

As for the process? Quick and easy. I quickly sanded it with my small electric sander, applied one coat of primer, and 3 coats of Sherwin-Williams outside stain. I went with this golden yellow to really pop off the brick red garden shed she has by her garden. Did I need to buy a gallon? NO. Have I tried to paint other things around the house this color to get rid of it? Not yet, but I sure did.

End of the story is that she absolutely loved it! It's October and I bet she still hasn't set anything on it for fear of getting it scuffed. The more I see it the more I think using a jigsaw to cut a circle in the top portion and inserting chicken wire below for her to fill smaller pots in, would be a great addition. As well as setting up a small wash stand next to it?

I hope this image brings back warm thoughts of summer, as we had our first snowfall in North Dakota today.