pin it: 2012 to-do's

I'm very certain that I'm not the only one drowning in pins that I just 'have' to accomplish. Here is a small wrap up of the projects on my list that I'm holding myself accountable to get done by Christmas (aside from the whole other list of diy projects I want to get finished for gifts, yipes).

1. These pillows are wonderful. The holidays always make one reflect on those we've lost. I'm hoping to put the names of our grandparents, friends and family on one.
2. Who said you can't wear skirts all winter?
3. I'm so tired of plastic, I'm hoping to use some worn cloth napkins to repurpose for these lids
4. I've been meaning to make these for a, um, year. Wet bags for all sorts of purposes. Swim suits on Sundays, diapers, dirty clothes from daycare.
5.These are the most adorable little shoes.
6. Headbands for Bean!