rock a bye baby

The projects in the nursery are going full force! I still have around 11 weeks until this bean arrives but being the planner that I am, I want it to be all ready with time to spare. Yet knowing me, I'll still think up a few more projects in the mean time.

pearl handmade art and design, bassinet tutorial sewing, nursery design

This bassinet came from Adam's Mom and we just love it. I spent quite a bit of time with Qtips and Old English to bring back some color and shine to the wicker, I could probably still do some more which might be an inch by inch project. I am also going to rig up a new mattress and pad for it as well out of some things I have around the house.

I can finally sew! I recruited my Mom to come and help me get my Grandma's sewing machine up and running. It took us almost longer to read the book and get it threaded and ready to go, than it did to actually sew the skirt but that's okay. Thank you very very much Mom! I am hoping to take the sewing machine to our local shop to get it oiled and cleaned up for more projects to come. I have been talking about getting this sewing machine up and running for more than three years and I am so very very happy we finally did. It saddens me that my Grandma is no longer with us to join in on the fun, but I know that she made many beautiful things using this very machine and that warms my heart dearly.

pearl handmade art and design, bassinet tutorial sewing, nursery designI apologize for the quality of the images, it was late, dark and exhausting ;)

After many thoughts of how to secure it, we decided to go with just ribbon in a simple casing. Velcro seemed to be too invasive and we didn't want sticky anything on the beautiful wicker. And elastic seemed to be just too much. This way, if I ever want to change out the ribbon or use this skirt for something other than this bassinet the size will be easily customizable.

pearl handmade art and design, bassinet tutorial sewing, nursery designThe photo on the right is the ribbon that holds this entire skirt together! It turned out perfect and I'm already excited to wheel this beautiful bassinet from bedroom, to baby's room, to living room. Right now it's holding bean's toys because Josie seems to think the new toys showing up are hers to carry around. Lessons to be learned for that little lady.