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Do you ever feel an urge? Or a calling? The past few cold winter months I have really felt the need to call out to my fellow mama friends. As a stay-at-home slash working from home Mom I need the encouragement of my family as well as friends that...We can do this! We may not get it all accomplished, we may not be on the ball at all times, but we are working our way through this season of life. And this particular season in my home is busy! The girls are three and 9 months and still need me for most if not all of their daily tasks. Which in turn puts my personal efforts and needs to the wayside. It has taken me awhile to overcome the feeling of exhaustion as well as sense of no personal purpose. I am now overcome with a feeling of sweet accomplishment for the little things, a hot shower and dinner on the table at 6. Everything else comes and goes!

These latest prints I designed as printables for easy access to your home printer. Print these daily inspirations and place them around your home. Washi tape them to your fridge, paint a used clipboard and hang it on your gallery wall or be an overachiever and purchase a nice frame and rotate prints often. My home is always more welcoming to me with a refresh every now and then. Enjoy.

To find the prints they are in my Etsy shop!

Rustic Oaks // Amazing Venue

It's not too early to think spring right? It's exactly zero degress at this second in North Dakota. I wanted to share quickly a recent post card design for the beautiful Rustic Oaks venue in Moorhead, Minnesota. I have been there on countless occasions for numerous events and if I were to plan my wedding again...a renewal perhaps, this would be the absolutely perfect place.

They are having an Open House this coming Saturday, on Valentine's Day! They are the perfect space for not only weddings but corporate events, women's retreats, bridal or baby showers as well just a weekend away. There was an adorable story on a couple that was engaged at the Inn while enjoying a weekend getaway.

On a little sidenote, my absolute favorite local fabric shop Modern Textiles recently had a women's retreat and I've heard nothing but great things about the staff, service and facility. If you would like to hear more they just whipped up this great recap on their blog. Check it out here:

Many blessings, Ashley

(PS I am diligently working on adding some adorable printables to my Etsy shop focused on this phase of motherhood. I'll hopefully get them added between playing Barbie's and changing diapers.)

Holidays 2014

Hello family & friends! Welcome to the Holiday season of 2014. With two littles in my life it makes the holidays even sweeter, and brings out the child in us as well! I am loving doing little crafts with my toddler and enjoying the cold winter snuggles with the baby. I have added a few new holiday card designs to my Etsy shop. There are some humorous ones as well!

Here are a few examples!

And a couple more of my favorites!

Here is the link to my Etsy shop:

There is the ability to order a custom card as well, everyone has their own ideas and I LOVE to hear them! Let me know if I can help out with your holiday mailings :) Enjoy your holiday and Christ our Saviour was born!